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3 Uncanny Similarities between daughter Janhvi and mother Sridevi people are not aware of

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Sridevi passed away on 24th of February which shocked the entire Bollywood fraternity and the nation. In Bollywood, there was no competitor of Sridevi, that’s why she was titled as the first female superstar of Bollywood.

After Sridevi’s demise, fans will search her persona in her daughter Janhvi. Soon, Janhvi will start her career in Bollywood with her movie Dhadak. People are hoping to see the same qualities in Janhvi Kapoor just like legendary actress Sridevi.

But here are some three shocking similarities between mother and daughter which will shock you.

1. Janhvi looks similar to Sridevi.

It is obvious that there are many similarities between this mother and daughter. We cannot deny that the face of Janhvi looks similar to Sridevi’s. Between both the daughters, the features of Janhvi is much more similar to Sridevi. People are hoping to see the same qualities in Janhvi Kapoor just like legendary actress Sridevi. Janhvi’s picture in saree from the sets of Dhadak made her look duplicate of Sridevi.

2. Just like Sridevi, Janhvi doesn’t know how to speak Hindi.

Just like the mother, Janhvi is also weak in the Hindi language. When Sridevi entered the Bollywood industry, she struggled a lot due to the Hindi language. In many movies, Sridevi’s voice was dubbed. But, she adapted the Hindi language properly and became the superstar of Bollywood. Same way Janhvi is very weak in the Hindi language. Let’s see, does she gives her original voice in Dhadak or her voice will be dubbed?

3. Just like mom. Janhvi has done plastic surgery of the nose.



Everyone knows that Sridevi did many plastic surgeries of her nose. Similarly, Sridevi made Janhvi do a plastic surgery of her nose too. In the old pictures of Janhvi, her nose was not proper. But the recent pictures of Janhvi looks more pointed. It is very clear, that Sridevi made Janhvi do a cosmetic surgery before stepping into the Bollywood industry.

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