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Daily Bites.

10 Signs That Show He Loves You Madly

When we were teenagers, we used to believe in Hollywood romantic movies. When the love is romantic, passionate and things are just bad enough to make the love interesting. When we got older, we realized that Hollywood love is not the real love life standard and also not the ideal …

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100 Famous Love Quotes

Love is meant to be shared and expressing how you feel makes love a wonderful experience. No wonder some people fall in love over and over again, while others just fall out of love. If you are in love or you thinking of falling soon 😉 then you need to tend it …

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15 Cool Ways to Ask A Girl Out

If only the minds of ladies could be read, thinking of cool ways to ask a girl out would never be a subject of discussion. Well, it appears that is not the case. There are different categories of guys that want to take their friendship with that special female friend …

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