Sprint or easy running – what to choose?

Still sweating on the treadmill for hours just because the “big guys” are doing it? Face the fact: most people does the long, slow cardio workouts because they are easier to do, but not because they magically burn fat. If your goal is to develop true muscle mass, then you …

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How to improve your circulation?

Do you feel tired? Have trouble concentrating? Are your hands and feet cold, even though the weather is warm? The reason for these things can be bad circulation. Natural methods, like exercise and diet, can easily alleviate the problem. We rarely think about circulation, because its an automatic body function, …

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Most common running mistakes and how to avoid them

There are many benefits of running – strengthen muscles, stronger bones, burning calories, maintaining healthy weight, but joggers (especially beginners) make a lot of mistakes during the process of running that can decrease the effect or create some injury. In order to help you maximize the effects of running, we …

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