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Losing Weight Fast is More Than Just Calories, Carbs, and Protein

pixabay.com Blood Sugar, Insulin Sensitivity, and Triglycerides are three very complicated pieces of the overall health puzzle when losing weight fast. Within these three body processes you will find huge variations between one person and the next. This is part of what makes the process of losing weight so complicated. …

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How To Lose Weight: The Best Food Combinations

Pixabay.com  If you have tried every single diet to slim down and failed, try eating particular foods together. It will make your weight loss process easier, while introducing you to certain food combinations that will help your body balance itself and eliminate toxins. Here are some food combinations that will work …

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8 Chemicals That Lower Testosterone and Kill Sex Drive

Research shows that the average man’s testosterone levels have declined by 25 percent since 1992. And the estrogen levels have increased by 40 percent. Not only that, men nowadays have 40 percent less sperm count. The chemicals in our foods have hugely contributed to this. But chemicals aren’t just in food …

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