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How to whiten teeth in a home

Whether for coffee, snuff or simply by genetics, many people often have very yellow teeth, and they want to know how to whiten teeth in a home . Keep in mind you ‘ll need perseverance and, like almost all teeth whiteners even the professionals- can damage your teeth to a greater or lesser extent. We leave you this video so you can …

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11 uses of lemon in beauty

Who does not like a good glass of fresh lemonade? If you are one of those who love lemons, you should also know the uses of lemon in the beauty and power and take this citrus. # 1 Clarifies hair One of the best known uses: lemon juice serves to lighten hair. Just put the …

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How to prepare detoxifying water

If you are concerned about the excesses of the holidays, or just your body asks you one of those detox cures, then today we bring you a really simple solution to prepare, because we are going to give a recipe for detoxifying water with which you’ll be able to draw party all the benefits that involve …

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Amazing treat obesity weight loss

The cancer is a dangerous disease of modern times. Similarly, obesity is an incurable but not necessarily incurable disease so far asyr alalaj. In this context, Europe is slimming centers that have been introduced in all the cities of Pakistan but conditions are becoming less stronghold direct food use pesticides …

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