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How to start a dietary/nutrition practice business

Nutrition has a great effect on physical appearance. Body builders have to eat more of proteins or proteinous meals before or during their training processes, you might wonder how I got to know, yes I’ve been there! Lol… People suffer obesity because of their diets, people suffer kidney infection from …

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How to start health talk shows on radio

Health is wealth and this is a popular ideology which is very true in every sense. Without good health, life is worthless as it would be filled with uncommon strife. Everyone is conscious of health especially when it comes to preventive measures. Today, more often than not we could hear …

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How to start massage therapy service

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of health maintenance. It involves the physical massaging of joints and muscles to give one a soothing relief and relaxation effect. It is nice remedy for work stress, fatigue and random muscle pain causing discomfort generally. Developed largely as an idea by …

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How to start a maternity centre

Maternity is simply the state of Motherhood or the condition of being pregnant. A maternity centre is a “confine” where maternity services are concentrated and rendered. In most cases, maternity centres are private owned, that’s to say they’re owned by individuals. Services offered at maternity centres include but are not …

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5 Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

pixabay Some days it can be very difficult to wind down after a stressful day—we’re thinking about bills we have to pay, what we didn’t get done at work and what deadlines remain, or maybe even something that’s going on at school. In situations like this, there are many healthy …

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