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MSNBC Anchor: “An Assault Rifle Is Different Than A Gun”

For those who aren’t aware of it, an “assault rifle” is indeed a rifle, which the word “gun” encompasses. Of course Stephanie Ruhle isn’t even talking about actual assault rifles, she’s talking about semi-automatic rifles, which are commonplace and yes they are extensively used for hunting. Actual “assault rifles” are …

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New “Evidence” That The Moon Landing Was Faked

While “analyzing” photos of Apollo 17, YouTube user named Streetcap1 said image reflected in visor looked ‘strange’ – ‘A Man’ with ‘long hair’ and a ‘waistcoat’.  He continued: “Did we make it to the moon? Where’s this guy’s spacesuit?”   Fox News has even picked up the story so it has to be …

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