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The Meaning of Tree Tattoos

Posted by:Zeshan   Designing Your Own Tree Tattoo I got my first tattoo when I was 18. It was a little heart on my lower back, and it hurt less than I thought it would. But the pain was less important than the point behind it.Getting a tattoo is permanent, …

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Should I Wrap My New Tattoo and For How Long?

Posted by:Zeshan Wrapping your tattoo in cling film or plastic wrap is believed to have developed from the ’60s and ’70s Biker gatherings. Freshly tattooed Bikers were brazenly ripping off their bandages repeatedly, showing off their new tattoos, blood and ink oozing everywhere.The “cling film” legend goes like this: one …

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How to Pick a Tattoo Artist

Posted by:Zeshan Is Your Friend’s Tattoo Artist Right for You? Maybe! You should definitely ask people whom they go to get tattooed, and ask how their experience was. People are usually happy to refer their artist and may even have a business card or a website address to pass on …

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