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9 Signs You Are Already With Your Soulmate

Sometimes when we’re in a relationship, no matter how well things are going, we panic and ask ourselves, “Is he/she the one?” You might get along with your partner, have great chemistry, and have similar goals, but maybe you still find yourself questioning if they’re the right one to be …

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Is Your Tinder Date Lying To You? Run A Background Check

Nine in 10 Americans are using online dating platforms nowadays, when meeting your significant other online is not a stigmatized act anymore. If you would have told someone you’ve met your partner online 20 years ago, eyebrows would raise as you would have gotten disapproving looks. Things changed a lot …

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Are Extrovert Wives More Satisfied In Their Marriages?

Straight up, the answer is Yes. Because, excuse the jaded phrase, the research says so. To understand the research findings, first you need to know what makes introverts and extroverts different? It’s my personal take that there are no pure-blood ambiverts. Ambiverts are actually introverts who learned extroverted ways to navigate through an extroverted world. So, …

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The Single Biggest Regret People Have In Their Lives

Have you been following your heart, or are you guilty of the thousands of people that will chalk their biggest regret as to not following through on what they’re passionate about? It is something that does not get spoken of enough, but many people end up sticking to the safe route in …

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20 Things That Matters Beyond Looks In a Guy

Physical attraction can bring two people together, but that doesn’t always make for a healthy relationship. We all have that guy in our life who makes our heart go pitter-patter. The problem is that sometimes what the body wants – and what is good for us – are two completely …

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