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6 Easy Steps On How To Make Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad Recipe  Pasta salad also known as Pasta fredda is a dish prepared with one or more types of pasta, usually chilled, and most often tossed in a vinegar, oil, or mayonnaise-based dressing. It is typically served as an appetizer or a main course. Pasta Salad is often regarded as …

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10 Items Nigerians Use Wrongly Daily

Some Nigerians don’t really care about what some daily household items are meant for, so far it serves the purpose they intend to use it for Often times, have seen Nigerian use the bobby hair pin wrongly, myself inclusive. Have also seen a guy try to use the side holes on his …

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Election Day! Who Will Be The 45th American President?

Following an unconventional, controversial, and revealing campaigns, American citizens will head to the polls today in a few hours to vote and decide who the next president of the country will be. The race is between two main candidates, Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton and Republican Party’s Donald Trump. An independent contender, …

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