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Do all your friends have partners except you? These may be the reason.

56ygfLove comes when you least expect …
Go cliché, do not you think? Is that when you spend a lot of single time, from the boyfriend of primary (if that account), you think everything you say you love is a lie, especially when you see happen to everyone hand and you keep like, she is waiting for the handsome boy.
I began to investigate the reasons why there is always a single in the group of friends, and found many interesting things. Do you want me to count them ? I knew yes.

Hysterical maybe?

You know a handsome boy and you start your histeriqueo? Yes, no, we are, who we are, who stayed with me and now you’re with your friends, you do not like, I do not write, you do not call me …
For more than a boy feel very attracted to you, there is no way that a woman who tolerates all makes conflict. Yes, there are women who like to shock and flirtation with histeriqueo . You are one of them?


You know one week, you write 2 or 3 times a day, and then not want the man to be without you or an afternoon or evening. They have gone from nothing to everything in three days , and even now you’re talking wedding. So all go running, friend.

You like cretins

Yes, this may already knew but did not want to take it. Whenever one disappoints you, you say you never fall with the same type of men, but get that bronzed body and that gorgeous face, and can not resist.
My advice? Stop assess the physical and values the soul of people.

too selective

In short, we want everything we’ve been dreaming of since the primary on the same guy. Be independent financially and flowing, of course, have a career, that is romantic, that is kind, that is not a fool, you say things consistent, not juege video games, his mother is good, that your family has money…
I could go on features we want in an ideal guy but you can never be together. Learn how to put on the scales which are most important and which, indeed, are not as important as you thought.

You flirt too?

The flirtation is the most important things that tell a guy likes you and he can approach. Now, if you flirt with everything that walks on the disk, rather than feel that they have chosen, they feel they choose to make it.
Set your goals and if none of those few approaches, I will try next.

Your heart is your I

Some people tend to talk a lot about themselves and that’s a big problem when it comes to dating , because nobody wants to commit to someone who has the highest clouds ego. Think to see if this is you, friend.
Now that you have an idea of why your friends have boyfriends and you do not can, get in campaign and change some things to succeed.But first, I’ll let these four answers for those wondering groom do not have , so you can keep dodging Grandma while you get the love of your life . Luck!

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