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Nigerian Celebrity Profiles: Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)

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Richard Mofe Damijo is a renowned Nigerian actor. He was born in Warri on July 6, 1961. Unlike most Nigerian actors, he did not begin his acting career early. Rather than commit himself to acting, the  handsome Nigerian actor was engaged in pursuit of education. After graduation, Mofe Damijo worked as a reporter first with the MKO Abiola-owned Concord Newspapers and later with Metro Magazine. However, in the 1980s Mofe became interested in acting and decided to take part in a popular soap opera at the time– Ripples. It was there that his journey to stardom began. But it was actually the movie titled Out of Bounds that catapulted Mofe into the limelight of the Nigerian movie industry. He was both writer and producer of the movie. In 2009, he was appointed Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State. Mofe Damijo remarried after the death of May Helen Ezekiel, his wife. He has five children.


Mofe Damijo was educated at both University of Benin and University of Lagos where he studied Theatre Arts and Law respectively after completing his secondary school education at Anglican Grammar School.

Popular Roles: An illiterate drunk, a Lagos taxi driver, a rich lover boy are usually his roles in movies.

Breakout Movie including year released:

  • Diamond Ring (1998)
  • Out of Bounds (1997)
  • Hostages (1997)

Popular Movies Including year released:

  • Darkest Night (2005)
  • Critical Assignment (2004)
  • The Legend (2003)
  • Diamond Ring (1998)

Recent Movies Including year released:

  • Oloibiri (2016)
  • 30 Days in Atlanta (2014)

Awards: (Best Actor in Leading Role) 2005 Africa Movie Academy Awards


In 2014, the news went viral on virtually all social media that Mofe Damijo was ill. People began to think of all kinds of sickness imaginable. Was HIV included? Well, that should be left for the rumormongers as the veteran actor later broke his silence on the matter. In one of his interviews where he was asked concerning the matter, he said that he was not sick; that he only changed his lifestyle, which gave him a more awesome look and better health.

Social Profiles:

  • Richard Mofe Damijo’s Facebook: Richard Mofe Damijo
  • Richard Mofe Damijo’s Twitter: @RMofeDamijo
  • Richard Mofe Damijo’s Youtube: @mofedamjo
  • Richard Mofe Damijo’s Instagram:
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