Who Should Play Melania In The Inevitable Big Screen Biopic Of The Trump Debacle?

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Which of our current actors are up to playing that Slovenian bitch with the panache her time in the White House warrants?

I have a few in mind…

*Blake Lively (There’s a faint sense of confusion in both.)
*Megan Fox (They both have that Botox squint.)
*Katherine Heigl (She’s got the cunty attitude down.)
*Sofia Vergara (There’d be overdubbing.)
*Julia Roberts (Prepare for scenery chewing though.)
*Uma Thurman (She’s got the cheekbones.)
*Caitlyn Jenner (The noses are uncanny.)
*Charlize Theron (Almost too ‘on the nose.’)
*Natalie Portman (She gets an Oscar if it happens.)
*Traci Lords (A comeback.)

Who do you throw in the running?

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