Slate Says: No List Of Banned Words At the CDC

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In an article for Slate, Daniel Engber wrote that Trump ordering the CDC to ‘ban words’ was inaccurate. No such thing happened, it is a complete fabrication. As more facts are revealed, it proves the “banning of words” was false. It was an internal suggestion on the language to be used in a budget request.

In fact, the opposite of the story is true: CDC employees were not “ordered to not use those words,” but in fact were selecting proper language for budget request. It was not a ‘top down’ order from Trump, he didn’t have anything to do with it. It was SOP from CDC employees doing their normal jobs.

Guess what — a style guide is a normal thing for many government agencies, including the CDC. There was one for the Bush years, there was one for the Obama years too. But facts and reality don’t matter when it comes to hate. (Note for those IAB Liberals who are language-impaired: ‘guide’ means suggestion, not an order, not a rule, ok? Should I link it?)

[Actually, when it comes to “style guides,” at least where I’ve worked in reputable publishing jobs, a style guide is a publication’s bible — it’s literally a rule book for grammar, word usage, etc. Every company that publishes content has one and they’re all unique. — Fancylad]

It is ironic that a story defending “evidence-based” language is itself devoid of evidence. Based on a rumor over what is actually a normal procedure. Yet the MSM and SJWs screeched and screamed! Everyone Hate Trump Right Now! Based on something completely normal for ages now…

(You posted the lies Fancylad, I hope you’ll post the facts, the truth. Edit this part out though, lolz!)

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