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Tencent Continues To Take Over Mobile Gaming

If you’re even a casual mobile gamer you’re probably familiar with the name “Tencent” by now. The Chinese holding company has made a massive splash in the world of mobile gaming by gobbling up some of the biggest developers and most popular games. Now it’s looking like the company is …

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How to upload images to github from the console

One of the needs we have daily is to store our photos in a repository, now github in a repository system widely used by the community, in  How to upload images to github from the console , we will teach you to store images in github and The URL is returned to …

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Elixir, functional programming for all

Functional programming is fashionable. More and more languages ​​are adopting this paradigm, but more importantly, developers are adopting more and more languages ​​of this type. Scala, F #, Clojure and other old rockers like Erlang or Haskell start to be on the lips of many of the programmers of the …

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