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A Tennessee Judge’s Is Locking People Up For Smoking Regular Tobacco Cigarettes

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ATN3RY teenage girl smoking a pretend cannabis joint. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Taxpayer’s money well spent? I wonder if the judge has a deal with the local prisons for kickbacks?

An excerpt from AlternetHamilton County Drug Court Judge Tom Greenholtz has taken it upon himself to punish people under his supervision for using a legal substance because he thinks doing so will give them a “better chance at life.”

Earlier this month, he jailed a handful of drug court participants who came up positive for nicotine in court-mandated drug tests.

“We routinely test for nicotine as we do for other controlled substances,” Greenholtz told Chattanooga TV station Newschannel 9, blithely ignoring the fact that nicotine is not a controlled substance under state or federal law and that cigarette smoking is not a crime.

As for throwing hapless drug court victims in jail for violating his arbitrary edict: “It shows how serious we are about combatting this,” he said.

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