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The UN Is Investigating The Extreme Poverty… In America, The World’s Richest Nation

They want to know if Americans can enjoy fundamental human rights if they’re unable to meet basic living standards? Good question, right? America has it pretty good in terms of most of your modern conveniences, but considering it’s called “the world’s richest nation,” there are a lot of its people living like animals.

An excerpt from The GuardianWith 41 million Americans officially in poverty according to the US Census Bureau (other estimates put that figure much higher), one aim of the UN mission will be to demonstrate that no country, however wealthy, is immune from human suffering induced by growing inequality. Nor is any nation, however powerful, beyond the reach of human rights law – a message that the US government and Donald Trump might find hard to stomach given their tendency to regard internal affairs as sacrosanct.

Now Alston has set off on his sixth, and arguably most sensitive, visit as UN monitor on extreme poverty since he took up the position in June 2014. At the heart of his fact-finding tour will be a question that is causing increasing anxiety at a troubled time: is it possible, in one of the world’s leading democracies, to enjoy fundamental human rights such as political participation or voting rights if you are unable to meet basic living standards, let alone engage, as Thomas Jefferson put it, in the pursuit of happiness?

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