USA May Move Embassy To Jerusalem

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 Trump may do what most world leaders have been afraid to do for all these years: actually recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

After endless rejections by the PLO (or their offspring) to any solution at all, it’s high time someone actually did something about the ongoing crisis.

Of course, there is likely to be violent backlash.

As there always is when actual moves towards peaceful co-existence are attempted. The PLO has one goal only: remove all Jews from the Middle East, one way or another.

With a Nuclear armed Iran just around the corner and many Middle-East nations spending tons of cash on weapons with civil wars and armed conflict at an all-time high there, at least there’s some potentially good news from the area.

If it’s true, and if he succeeds survives it could be the calming influence that has been missing for so long in the Middle East. And genuine reform in one of the worst nations. Obama’s ‘Arab Spring’ wasn’t all that great after all was said and done, was it?

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