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05 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Only those insane, paid-to-do-this and suicidal should ever travel these roads.

Every year, people die due to traffic accidents and it reaches almost 1.3 million. The WHO stated that from the year 2011 to 2021 is “A decade of action for road safety.”

Death by accident can be prevented if only they drive better. There are roads that would really test the courage and skill of a driver, either it’s the sheer mountain drops, war zones roads or hairpin bends.

Here’s our list of 05 most dangerous roads in the world.

1. Traveling route from Jalalabad to Kabul, Afghanistan

Several roads are labeled “most dangerous”. However, traveling this 65-kilometer highway in Jalalabad to Kabul justifies the real meaning of it snaking across the Taliban territory.
The danger side of this road has nothing to do with the insurgency. There are two factors that make this route dangerous: it is narrow, twisting road that climbs extending to 600 meters via Kabul Gorge Highway and the Afghan drivers recklessly overtaking the fully loaded haulage trucks.

2. Bolivia’s Road of Death

It was previously declared as the world’s most dangerous road by the inter-American Development Bank. The road traveling from La Paz going in Coroico drops steeply over 65 kilometers that even the actor Charlie Sheen would have second thoughts.

For the adventure cyclists, this road becomes their playground in which it is actually dangerous. Overcrowded buses and local trucks maneuver this road in which sometimes fly off in the route killing 200 to 300 a year.

3. Iraq’s Highway of Death

A U.S Aircraft bombed the Iraqi trucks and tanks along highway 80 coming from Kuwait City towards Basra. This happened in February of 1991 during the 1st Gulf war while the vehicles are retreating which destroyed 2,700 vehicles which marks this road in history as “Highway of Death” . The number of deaths was never accurately confirmed and it ranges from roughly about 300 up to 10,000. The war ended days after photos of charred bodies and burnt-out vehicles were televised all over the world.

4. India’s Zoji La Pass

Located in between the Ladakh and Kashmir is Zoji La Pass, a mountain route that looks like a dusty roadway through Western Himalayas. However, this road keeps the Ladakh community connected to the world outside of their own even though it is often blocked by heavy snow during winter. This 9-kilometer road zigzags at 3,528 meters off the mountain without any barrier on its edge and a compact rock face on its other side. Definitely not for someone with vertigo or with fear of landslides.

5. Guoliang Tunnel of Taihang mountains in China

This Guoliang Tunnel Located in Henan Province, China is terrifying for the drivers nowadays. However, in 1972, the Chinese drivers that hacked this tunnel of 1.2 kilometers long along Taihang mountains edges prove that it was deadly. During the construction, some died and this tunnel was done primarily using hand tools. It’s 4 meters wide by 5 meters high; some areas have an open-edge over the rocky cliff that’s why it was nicknamed “the road that does not tolerate mistakes,” which is clearly appropriate.

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