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05 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures

Swimming is among the healthiest sports one can do but never in an open ocean. Either you do it close to the coast only or in a pool if you would want to swim.

Below are the 5 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures:

5. Tiger Sharks

The “Jaws” series showed how dangerous sharks really are. These macropredator creatures, known commonly as a sea tiger, can grow up to 5 m in length. They are solitary, nocturnal hunter and their diet include various prey from seals, crustaceans, fish, turtles, sea snakes, birds, squids to dolphins and sharks that are smaller than them. So basically, they can also eat humans!

4. Lionfish

Found in Eastern Atlantic and Caribbean, Lionfish are among the most beautiful creatures of the oceans. They’re a member of ‘Scorpionfish family. Although they don’t have a deadly sting, still, they give painful attacks with powerful venom!

3. Great White Shark

This predator is always included on the list for dangerous animals and is much constantly and inaccurately perceived as the most dangerous animal in the world. Its nature is usually misunderstood, its mission is not to attack humans that go into the water. They’re apt to attack humans when they hunt for foods, more of a basic instinct.

2. Stonefish

A strange-looking creature in which despite its size, is considered a venomous fish that’s existing. It has a camouflaged body that can hide in between the rocks which add to it being dangerous. Its dorsal fins are so sharp that it can pierce straight into your shoes, so better watch where your stepping at.

1. Chironex (Box Jellyfish)

The box jellyfish doesn’t have sharp teeth, big mouth or venomous bite but this is the most dangerous in the ocean. Known also as the sea wasp, this creature is more accountable for deaths of human in the Australian continent than sharks, saltwater Australia, and snakes put together.

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