10 Beautiful Nigerian Wedding Traditional Hairstyles

When its comes to Nigerian wedding, we are known to spend millions of Naira. One of the reasons is that Nigerians usually have the traditional wedding and then a white wedding also referred to as a church wedding. Nigerian white wedding is usually modelled after the British with the bride wearing a white gown and the ceremony being held in church. In contrast, the traditional wedding is rooted in Nigerian culture involving particular customs and elements.  All of the details on the traditional wedding, which varies from region to region, could fill a book.

The Nigerian traditional wedding comes with the most beautiful hairstyles which has a huge significance on the ceremony and tradition.

Here are 10 common hairstyles seen in Nigerian traditional weddings;

Coral beaded hairstyles

Coral beads are worn by Edo and most Igbo brides as hair jewellery, headpieces, necklaces, bracelets, and/or body jewellery, depending on the custom. (A few other ethnic groups wear them as well.) Women in the bridal party may also wear the beads, but it is the bride who is most adorned with them to stand out from crowd as royalty. The coral beads represent beauty, status, wealth, and power. In some regions, the more coral beads the bride wears, the better.

Nigerian Wedding Traditional Hairstyles

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