10 Bitter Truths That Will Make Sense to Nigerians Only

British PM, David Cameron’s comment on Nigerian being “fantastically corrupt” hit a lot of nerves. We don’t need to be told that the country is corrupt, our leaders are responsible for all this…

Nigerians on the twitter-verse took up arms and were more than happy to go invade “innit  twitter” at the drop of a hat. But before we get all sanctimonious; lol, trying to speak like Mr Patrick Obahiagbon,

Here are some bitter truths we can all relate to as Nigerians;

1.  Politics equals get rich quick scheme

Nobody is entering politics to serve their people. They’re entering politics for the ridiculous amount of legit salary and the ones they get to loot.


Photo: IB Times


2.  Marriage equals important achievement

With the hike in domestic violence and many people coming forward, we are starting to see marriage for what it truly is.


Photo: JudaAvenue/IDoGhana


3.  No one cares about your rights

Abi you want to explain your rights to a koboko carrying mopol or soldier man?

Black boy laughing

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