10 Classical Nigerian Breakfast Inspiration

Nigerians don’t joke with their breakfast meal; a typical Nigerian can blame having no breakfast for under-performance for the rest of the day!

Arguably, breakfast is an important meal in the day and it’s generally advised never to skip it because of  its importance in determining how well you perform during the day. Every Nigerian mum understand this theory and always look forward to giving their families the best breakfast everyday.

Not every household can afford expensive meals, for this reason we all eat what our mum puts on the table. There are some classical breakfast meals common in most households in Nigeria, from Pap and akara, yam and egg, moimoi and garri,etc… No matter what we have on our tables, we just wanna have something to eat every morning.

Here are some classic Nigerian breakfast meal you can relate to;

#1. Pap and Akara

Pap and Akara

Photo: Dobbys Signature

#2. Akara and Yam

Akara and Yam

Photo: Naija Foodie

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