10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Cinnamon

In ancient times, cinnamon was considered rare and valuable. It was used by the rulers. Research has shown that when the Egyptians prepared their men’s mummies, they also added cinnamon to them when adding spices, so that the mummies would be fragrant. And the dead did not smell when the time passed. The Romans used to put it in perfumes and at the time of burial they also gave cinnamon powder to the men, so that they would stay in the perfume.

Nero was so upset by his wife’s death that he would take as much cinnamon as he could in Rome and burn it to perfume his wife’s tomb and the surrounding area. The people who traded in cinnamon in Arabia kept it a secret, in order to maintain their monopoly on the business.

Where does such a large quantity of cinnamon come from? Cinnamon is the inner bark of a tree. Cinnamon comes mostly from Srinagar or Sri Lanka, which is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is also happening in Vietnam, Indonesia and Madagascar. It is no longer a secret that what is being sold in the market in the name of cinnamon is not real cinnamon.
This is thick cinnamon, called cassia. The tree from which it is obtained is similar to cinnamon, so it is allowed to sell it in the international market as cinnamon. Original cinnamon Sri Lanka It grows on its own. It is light in color and sweet in taste. It is sold at twice the price of ordinary cinnamon. The original location of cinnamon is in the kitchen, where it is added to food for flavor and aroma. ۔

When food is cooked, when it is put in a pot, the whole house smells of it. It is added to qorma, pasanda, qeema and pea palao. In addition, fennel, cardamom, pepper, cloves and nutmeg are added. Cinnamon is added to food not only in the Indian subcontinent, but also in Turkey, Arabia, Iran and Morocco.
In Mexico, it is sprinkled with chocolate, so that it can be drunk with flavor and aroma. It is also added to puddings and wedding dishes. In Mexico, cinnamon is so popular. It is said to be the largest source of imports.
In the United States, it is also added to a variety of foods, such as chewing gum and candy. It is also added to breakfast cereals, oats, and other foods that are good for people. Want to make it fragrant, they put it in powder form in their cup with cream and sugar.

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