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The best thing I like about Fiverr is that it requires no skill at all. Yes you can make money online by just doing any thing you can like holding a poster of company in front of any building or any thing which is easy to you. After you submit your Gig an advertiser will hire you and if they like your Gig than they will order your Gig. Upon successful completion and submission you will get $4 into your account($1 commission will be taken off).

Buying and selling gigs is very fun on this website and often you will see funny but exciting ads. Well you can earn some decent money while having fun on this site. In order to use this site you need brain, i am saying this because if you have no skill to sell than you cannot make money on this site. So need some other sites with less paying rate, buy orders from Fiverr and than ask other works to do the job for you but in less price. This way you can generate some profit.

Fiverr is the biggest micro jobs website in the world and millions of people from around the world work here. Now the main problem for Pakistani people at this site is that they only pay you via PayPal which is not available in Pakistan. So you need Paypal account in order to work on this site. On the other hand you can buy gigs or work by using PayPal and credit card. Money will be transferred into your account in 48 hours so please be patient.

01 – Google Drive | Free 15GB

Same like Fiverr but this website is much flexible when it comes to the amount of Gigs and payment options. You can set your Gig from $5 to $50 and withdraw your earnings via Paypal and Payza. You can sell any skill and don’t have to be professional in order to use this program. Unlike Fiverr its very easy to use and gigs are often accepted quite quickly but this site is not as popular as Fiverr.

But as i said before this website is ideal in order to earn money in Pakistan due to Payza payment option. There are countless number of categories so that you can submit your gig to any suitable category for maximum exposure. After you submit your gig it will appear on the main page for some time but late on it will disappear into the pages. So in order to appear it on the main page all the time you have to make it featured gig by paying some money.

02 – Box | Free 10GB

This way you can earn some good orders because lots of people will see your gig. After you get the orders start working on your orders and give some sample work to the Hirer. If they like your work than they will ask you to complete the job otherwise they will reject your work. After you completely submit your order just wait for the approval and after that your money will be credited with 2 days.

One of the world biggest freelance website when it comes to provide quality jobs and ranges from data entry jobs to programming jobs. The bad thing is that you need some sort of skill like fast data entry speed, lots of computers(in case of big project), more users and bidding process(which requires money also). That’s why lots of people don’t understand this site quite well and lose hope.

03 – Microsoft OneDrive | Free 15GB

The way you should use this site is by completing your profile first and than apply for different projects by bidding process. Process is simple all you have to do is to submit your price for the job and if Employer likes your rate and profile than he or she can assign you work. Initially you will not get work but after some time when you got some credibility than people will give you more work.

At this site you get the highest rate in the market so its better to take projects from this site and give this work to other low paying websites and earn some profit. This is the best way to make money via internet and fuflill your goals in life. When you complete some project than Employer will give you some points at the end of the project in order to rate you. So this way your credibility increases and more employers will give you work based on your profile points.

Another great website and best thing i like about them is that you can manage your account free of cost for any number of bids. But again you have to bid on projects and advertisers will compare your bid to the rest of workers. Initially you may find it difficult to have a job but after some time when you got reputation you will easily find jobs.

Its very different from other sites and suits many people who don’t have any skill. This site has micro jobs like following someone on twitter, like Facebook fan page, create Gmail account etc. All jobs gives almost same price of 0.1 dollars which is not high price but the amount of time taken by these jobs i also very less.

04 – Dropbox | Free 2GB

Last but not least is a Minuteworkers website which is also a mini job website. Jobs are very easy and can be finished in under 3 minutes. They also have referral program in which you can earn 0.15 for every referral. Payments can be withdrawn via Payza straight into your account.

If you are a blogger or a webmaster than you have definitely heard the name of Godaddy coupon codes or may be you are already using there services. It is very popular for its 1 dollar domain names which they give to every credit card holder only. These 1 dollar domain promotions often run in the first week of every month and a total of 10,000 domains are given to its customers. But not many people know that they are also selling domain names very cheaply which are not mostly used like .org or .info domains. Currently when i was buying a domain name from Godaddy via promo codes i notice that they are selling .info domain very cheaply infect in just $0.50 which is kind of a free price. So let me tell you how you can grab one of these .info domains very cheaply.

05 – pCloud | Free 10GB

Bob Parsons who is Executive Chairman and Founder of GoDaddy.com has a mission to provide high quality web-hosting and domain services as very affordable price. Now mainly webmasters and bloggers have very limited budget when they start their career so he came with an idea to introduce a scheme for them so that they can also start building their own blog is few seconds.

The idea was that provide they domain to these people at very low cost some thing like one dollar which is really nothing as compared to the other services. But they set this price for only first year and after that you have to pay full 15 dollar amount per year. But as we all know that after year you can start earning money online and you can afford that price so this way he really encourage bloggers and now you can see the result on internet that lots of bloggers are doing wonderful job.

The trick is working fine with the .com domain name only which is available to you only means that if a domain is not available in .com than you cannot purchase .info domain in %0.5 so make sure that .com domain is available. Also you have to buy dot com domain first because this offer is only available to new customers. Don’t worry if you don’t want to buy domain is $15 dollars than Godaddy also offer one dollar Coupon Code thought which you can buy domain in just one dollar.

06 – Sync | Free 5GB

First of all you need to find the domain name you want in all other formats like .com, .net or .org etc. Don’t search for your domain name in .info  yet as we add it later. Go to Godaddy official website and type your desire domain name in the URL box and click search. It will tell you that your desired domain is available or not. If it will be available to you than add it to your cart.

If you are already a member of Go Daddy than login into your account via login box located at the top of the page. But if you are a new customer than simply create new account and verify your account via email by clicking on the link that has being send my them. After you verify your account carry on with your registration process and click next.

After you create your account they will ask for some more basic things like domain registration information, you want to protect it or not and for how many years do you want to register it. All these information’s are just few click away from you and after doing all this steps they will show you report at the end of your shopping cart. At this point of time just stop and don’t click on end shopping button.

07 – iDrive | Free 5GB

Now when your order will be placed Go Daddy will offer you to add more domains but with format other than you have chosen like .org, .net, .co and .info domain names. Normally they provide dot info domains in very low price and often at no cost. So its recommend that when ever you buy one domain from them them also search for dot info domain and book it for future.

Now search for .info domain if it is available than click the check box in order to add the .info domain in your cart. Now you should see two domain names in your cart, one with the regular price and other with discounted price.

Now come the tricky part. All you have to do is to delete the regular price domain you have order before by clicking on the delete link at the bottom of the order. When the domain is deleted from your order you will see only .info domain in your cart with price tag of only $0.05 which is really amazing.

The only problem during this trick will occur is that Godaddy will not process your order because they cannot process orders less than 1 dollar. So you have to repeat these steps in order to obtain another .info domain so that your total order amount will become 1 dollar. That way they will process your order and you will get two .info domain in just 1 dollar.

If some how the trick is not working for you try to try to create a new fresh account and than apply because this offer is only for new clients. You can use your same credit card with new account which means that you can create as many account as you want.

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