Follow this 7 golden rules if you want to be fit and healthy

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Although the most important virtue for healthy body is moderation in eating and drinking, it is necessary to respect some other principles of healthy living. This 7 basic rules will help you to be fit and healthy if you follow them.

#1 Regular nutrition – meals should’t be skipped. Your organism will work best if you have 3 main meals and 2 in-between meals during the day. This rule applies even when you are on a diet.

#2 Diversified food rich with fibers – you should moderately consume lean meat, fish and lean fermented milk products such as yogurt and sour milk. But in our nutrition we also must have fresh vegetables and fruits. Besides vitamins, these ingredients are containing fiber, which in combination with water, literally burns fat. You should also give preference to bread and pasta from whole-wheat flour. At least once or twice a week consume beans or peas because they are rich in protein and carbohydrates.


#3 Water – by consuming enough water and unsweetened herbal teas (2l a day) you are making it easier for your organism to get rid of the body toxins that contribute to the collection of fatty cells. Consume water in small sips throughout the day, not only when you are thirsty.

#4 Walking and exercising – as much as you are busy, it is certain that you can find a time to devote to yourself and your body. No matter the weather conditions, the walk or some type of exercise will always help you to relax.

#5 Vitamins – the healthiest option is to take all the vitamins through the food. But that is often not enough, so you should consume natural supplements rich in antioxidants.

#6 Consume less salt – foods that are considered to have a lot of salt are meat products, concentrates, soup, spicy seasonings, cheese, salty snacks, etc. Try to avoid this as much as you can.

#7 Consume alcohol in moderate quantities – for men: two glasses of vine or one beer per day; for women: one glass of vine or half a beer per day.

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