10 Habits acquired by doctors to prevent cancer

10 Habits acquired by doctors to prevent cancer
The concept that cancer is not necessarily a fatal disease still remains installed in our society. When someone mentions the word ” cancer ” it is like a big taboo mentioned. But the truth is that it is essential to talk about it if we want to prevent it.
You know that there are certain aspects about this disease that we do not know, but doctors know for sure and use in their favor. That’s why the precautions they take are without a doubt the most reliable and we should start to include in our routine.
The vast majority are very simple to incorporate into our daily lives.Take note!

No. 1 Limit your intake of sugar and fat


Eating too much sugar and junk food cause the deposit of large amounts of fat in the body, especially the liver, which becomes more vulnerable to cancer. For this reason (among many others), doctors try to limit consumption of these products in their daily lives. Come to him only on special occasions.

# 2 Do not underestimate stress

A great enemy of our immune system is stress, because it prevents them our defenses to be in an optimal state to fend off cancer cells.When our body is disturbed by worries, the immune system can not focus solely on the physical problems. Therefore, and to keep their bodies healthy , doctors try to keep quiet lifestyle (as far as possible, of course).

No. 3 Adopt a balanced diet

While one of the main motivations for healthy eating is to look better, another even more important motivation should be toprotect our body. This aspect is one that doctors have in mind when choosing what you put your plate. They try to lead a balanced and complete diet, without leaving out any food group.

No. 4 also have medical consultations

Before doctors are people, so also they need to undergo medical examinations and checkups regularly. They know better than anyone the need for controls and how important it comes to preventing disease , especially one as cancer.

# 5 was vaccinated

Many people are unaware that some cancers can be prevented by vaccines, such as cancer of human papillomavirus that can affect women.

No. 6 Recognize that sunscreen is not enough

Doctors are aware that even with protection, sun exposure is not healthy, especially if it occurs in times when UV rays are very potent and harmful.
Therefore, they choose not to be exposed to these dangerous hours and when the sun are always do with protection.

No. 7 exercise regularly

It is proven that those who exercise regularly have a hope of higher life . But their lives are not only longer, but of a much higher quality: the risk of heart disease is lower, there is much risk of depression, diabetes and, of course, cancer.

# 8 Do not smoke

It is no news that the substances in cigarettes are deadly to the human body and, as expected, are closely related to cancer. In fact, 30% of cancer deaths are associated with smoking.

# 9 keep their brains active

They more than anyone has in mind the importance of exercising the brain constantly and have tricks to make sure to keep it active: wash your teeth with no skilled hand, are exposed to new learning experiences and are desfían daily … Thus, ensure that your nervous system to function properly.
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