10 Important Life Lessons We Learnt In Boarding Schools

10 Things We Learnt In Nigeria School Hostels

If you spent your secondary school days as a boarding student, then you must have learnt lots of lessons from your experience. You may be ignorant of this but I believe this topic will bring back some memories. Arguably, students also learn a lot of bad habits, bullied by their superiors and initiated into cultism while in school hostels. Nonetheless, the life lessons learnt in these boarding schools is far more beneficial than the detriments. Well, in the next few paragraphs, we shall look into those life lessons that are learnt in Nigeria school hostels.

1. Independence

Being away from the custody of your parents and being left alone in the boarding school makes you independent. You have no mum or dad to run to if you have any complaint. Thus, you have no choice but to depend on yourself. Being independent also help students in learning how to make right decisions after series of wrong choices.

2. Effective Time Management 

One of the greatest lessons learnt in the Nigeria hostels is how to be the master of your time. The prep time and other periods scheduled in the boarding school teach you how to make the judicious use of your time knowing that you will be punished by your tutor if you are late for any scheduled activity.

3. Personal Hygiene

Some people were forced to imbibe the culture of personal hygiene on getting to the boarding school. Why won’t you be? You’ll be forced to be hygienic when the seniors deal with you. Even in situations when water and soap were scarce, students still find all means to maintain their hygiene.

4. Leadership

In case you attended a school that comprises both day and boarding schools, majority of prefects in such schools are usually boarders. So, they have the time to instill discipline in the junior ones. Taking up such leadership roles enables them to develop the skills needed to lead a group of people; a skill they will find useful later in life.

5. Responsibility

The boarding house experience enables students to develop a sense of responsibility. Stealing in school hostels is very common, this usually makes students to learn how to keep their belongings because you hardly get what is lost back. Everyone learns to develop a sense of responsibility for his or her belongings and actions.

6. Frugality 

You will be forced to live on a budget in the Nigeria school hostels. This is because boarders do not know the exact visiting day their parents will visit them. Even if they do, they are not sure whether they will come with  all the provisions they need. So, this forces them to manage the money and provision they have.

7. Good Manners

Do you have a rude kid? Send him or her to a Nigerian boarding school; You’ll definitely have a testimony to share by the time him or she returns at the end of the term. Your kid will be the one to tell you the reason responsible for the change. This is because you can’t dare to be rude to your house masters and seniors in the hostel, if you do, you’re done for.

8. Respect For Elders

Seniority is a serious matter in Nigeria school hostels. It’s either you respect your superiors else you get punishment for it. Although most seniors misuse this privilege and bully and punish their juniors mercilessly. Most of the things they consider as being disrespectful are often ridiculous. However, the good side is that it trains students to respect elders.

9. Teamwork

This is an important life lesson that can be learnt in Nigeria school hostels. All students had chores they have to do daily. Portions to be worked on were usually assigned and they had to be done together. Students also develop team work among their peers in order to protect themselves and help each other in doing their assignments.

10. Punctuality

Everything in the boarding school is timed; time for prep, time for eating, time for siesta amongst others, and you’ll be in soup if found late to any of these activities. This helps students to be effective time managers outside the school walls.

All these important life lessons learnt in boarding schools always make students stronger mentally in future.

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