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10 Most Expensive Body Parts Insured

10. $6 million for Bruce Springsteen’s voice

With a lot of job offers in the field of entertainment, if one singer loses their important voice, it indicates a big bad hit to their financial statement. This is the reason why Bruce Springsteen, the 1970s and ’80s crooner, wanted his voice to get insured- it was for unbelievably $6 million.

9. $7 million for Tom Jones’ Chest Hair

This one’s a little gross, but there was a report about Tom Jones that this Welsh singer’s chest hair was for $7 million. If the chest hair is worth $7 million, I wonder how much is for his soft vocals?

8. $9.5 million for Daniel Craig’s Body

Women around the globe were crazy when seeing Daniel Craig in his teeny-little blue trunks wear in Casino Royale. Because of this, he decided to keep his masculine body insured for amazingly $9.5 million.

7. $10 million for America Ferrera’s smile


Television and film starlet America Ferrera guaranteed her sweetest smile for almost $10 million. She was the lead person in the successful TV show, Ugly Betty, which centered on a dedicated fashion author. This shows that Ferrera despite her appearance, it is still worth millions!

6. $30 million for Julia Roberts’ smile

Another popular smile that get insured is the smile of the beautiful Julia Roberts that boost her way to get famous. This American star has a big and unique smile you can easily recognize. If anything happens to it, Julia needs not to bother. Julia Roberts insured her smile to $30 million.

5. $40 million for Michael Flatley’s legs

Michael Flatley delivered the River Dance and it gives him the reason to get his legs insured. After everything, none can do the Irish kind of dancing with completely similar style and talent. Because of this, he got his legs insured for $40 million.

4. $70 million for David Beckham’s legs

His entire career depends on his legs as a soccer player, so if they got injured, the game is over. That’s why David Beckham prepared for his future in case something happens to his legs by insuring them for amazingly $70 million.

3. $144 million for Christiano Ronaldo’s legs

Another soccer athlete and another set of legs. One of the most famous athletes in the world, player Christiano Ronaldo‘s legs are certainly thought to be worthier than those of Beckham’s: putting together both Becks’ legs are only equal to Ronaldo’s one set of legs. $144 million for the Christiano Ronaldo’s legs insurance.

2. $300 million for Jennifer Lopez’ bottom

Instead of her musical talent, J-Lo boosts her career by shaking and moving her booty. So, she decided her bottom to get insured in case something happens to it. If anything bad will happen, she might be sitting uncomfortably, but still, she would be sitting with no worries, thanks to her bottom’s $300 million insurance.

1. $1 billion for Mariah Carey’s legs

Mariah Carey is recognized for her unusual singing talent, but her legs made the top list of expensive and valuable parts of the body that have been unbelievably insured. There was news that Carey’s pins have been also insured for an awesome $1 billion- that’s $500 million each leg. It is not easy to look for a body part on this planet with that worth, it makes me think if it is truly the world’s best set of legs?

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