10 Nigerian Celebrities That should not Be Considered As Role Models

These 10 Nigerian Celebrities Are Bad Ass  Role Models

Celebrities have the ability to influence a large portion of the populace. They are well known by people and they have the power and potential to pull people to themselves since some youths idolize them. The Nigerian celebrities include Nollywood stars, award winning musicians and popular individual making waves in other fields of the entertainment industry.

It is however disheartening that instead of these celebrities to be sources of positive influence on the populace (most especially the youths), they influence the populace negatively. This is portrayed majorly through their dressing and lyrics. Highlighted below are some celebrities that Nigerian youths should not see as role models.

  1. Cynthia Morgan


A picture of Cynthia Morgan carrying a little child and smoking weed at the same time was recently released online. The picture was shared on her instagram page. This is very wrong and a bad way to utilize ones influence. This was the same act that got American artist, Rich Homie Quan probed by the child protective services and the police. Instead of the episode to caution her, it inspired her. This shows how corrupt the system is here.

  1. Wizkid

Wizkid is one of the most successful artistes in the Nigerian music industry. However, the pressure of attracting lots of attention has gotten to his head. A number of clips showing him smoking weed and doing freestyles had gone viral on the internet.

We shouldn’t overlook the effect such videos will have on Nigerian youths especially those that idolize him.

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