10 Of The Most Dangerous Toys You Can Give Your Kids

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10. Atomic Energy Lab

Atomic Energy Lab

Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab was introduced in the year 1951 and 1952 which cost $50. This Atomic Energy educational set that was sold featured four Uranium and three radiation sources, a colluded chamber and a Geiger counter so that kids who are playing with the set could detect if they have been contaminated with Uranium.

9. Sky Dancers

sky dancers

Sky Dancers were very popular in the ‘90s. These toys that were produced based on the animated show comprised of a pull-string base and a doll with the foam wings. Put the doll on the base, pull the string and up they fly like a spinning propeller. The only problem is that they could fly in an unwanted and unpredictable direction causing about 150 injuries based on reports.

8. Ziggle


Ziggle is a small, four-wheeled cycle that is about 8 inches off the ground. Just like anything with wheels, kids are tempted to live their adventurous childhood by racing with one another and these wheels enable them to ‘swerve & spin’. Due to its nature, it is potentially hazardous for kids to use it outdoors especially without helmets.

7. True Legends Orcs Battle Hammer

True Legends Orcs Battle Hammer

This hard plastic ‘weapon’ that is used by mythical Orc warriors measure about two feet long.  Interestingly, the disclaimer claiming that the toy is intended for 3-years-old and above seem to be out of place as the size of the hammer easily outsize some of the children’s age group. And there is only one sole purpose for kids to use the hammer for given its name.

6. Kite Tube

Kite Tube

Kite Tube, which was three meters wide, served its purpose as a kids’ homemade glider, since it was able to also go airborne as a boat-pulled ride jerk the cord. As fun as it looks, once the gliders were up in the air, they did not have much control over the flying tube since the tubes were only equipped with stirrups and hand grips.

5. Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Oven

Kids love to imitate what adults are doing and it is no different when it comes to baking. Easy Bake Oven were constructed just like a kitchen stove equipped with a front-loading oven. The fact that it was able to imitate the heat of an actual oven made it literally hotter and in severe cases led to second- or third-degree burns from the heating coil.

4. Colored Hedgehog

Colored Hedgehogs

This little fury, coloured Hedgehog looks like an ordinary plush toy. But its cute looks might be deceiving as its coloured fur is not deeply rooted into its body, causing the fur  to be uprooted and might potentially block breathing airways of little children if inhaled.

3. Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts

Lawn darts, which have pointed metal ends, were responsible for more than 6000 injuries before they got banned. Nowadays, ‘child-friendly’ lawn darts are still sold, only that the pointed end are replaced with something foamier.

2. Aqua Leisure Baby Boats

Aqua Leisure Baby Boats

Aqua Leisure Baby boats served its purpose as a ‘float’ for toddlers to float and play around in water. Unfortunately, these cheaply sold boats are manufactured poorly that they tore off easily. Worse, they often tore apart when they were used, causing babies to fall right through in the midst of their splashing time.

1. Toy Guns

Toys Guns

Toy guns were never a cause to fear of in other countries that doesn’t legalize guns and weapons except for the United States. Thus, there should be a real cause of danger where toy guns are sold. There were incidents in 2007 and 2013 in the States where authorities shot down teenage boys because the boys were seen with imitation guns.

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