10 Photos Of World’s First Digital Supermodel Shudu Gram

There are number of beautiful models on Instagram, but Shudu Gram is unique. Have you heard of Shudu Gram? She is the newest social media sensation bulldozing her way to popularity records with her porcelain perfect skin and captivating coal-black eyes.

Cameron-James Wilson is a 28-year-old self-taught British photographer who is the man behind the stunning dark-skinned model. He created Shudu after teaching himself 3D, using online resources and YouTube videos.

However, it was only recently that Wilson revealed his secret that Shudu was entirely computer-generated, with her followers previously under the impression that she was a real person.

1. She won the hearts of more than 40k followers with her flawless skin and an enchanting gaze.

2. Stunning model who’s taking Instagram by storm is actually a VERY lifelike computer-generated image.

3. Wilson is a 28-year old British photographer based in London. He’s spent the last years working within the fashion sector and has made a name for himself as a beauty, fashion and celebrity photographer.

4. The successful photographer taught himself how to create three-dimensional art online, which is how Shudu Gram was conceived.

5. While Wilson’s beautiful creation undoubtedly showcases his talent, some have questioned the ethics of designing a digital model with darker skin, as opposed to photographing a black model in real life.

6. “A white photographer figured out a way to profit off of black women without ever having to pay one,” one person wrote on Twitter.

7. “Now pls, tell me how our economic system is in no way built on and quite frankly reliant on racism and misogyny.”

8. “This is problematic. Instead of hiring a black model, the photographer created one,” another person remarked.

9. Rihanna’s cosmetics company, Fenty Beauty, even shared a photo of Shudu on their Instagram account that shows her wearing a shade of the makeup line’s lipstick.

10. People aren’t impressed with the photographer who made a digital black model.

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