10 Promising Beauty Vloggers Every Nigerian Lady Should Follow

The Beauty Vlog community is steadily growing. Loads of new talent are turning on the camera and bringing refreshing new faces to the video platform.

Although, the vanguard of YouTubers are tried and true, we’re looking to give way to this new freshmen class of black beauty on YouTube.

Here are a few on the rise beauty bloggers you might want to subscribe to in the coming months.

#1. Aluel Bol Kuanyin

Beauty Vloggers

Aluel has only been in the Youtube game for 6 months but she is already garnering a lot of buzz. This beauty literally radiates through her tutorials and is a must subscribe for those of us with deeper skin tones!

#2. XoxoShanta

Beauty Vloggers

XoxoShanta is a favorite I discovered on twitter in the past year. Her brow tutorial will get you all the way together and her beats are about as effortlessly lit as on can get.

#3. Fabulous Bre

Beauty Vloggers

Fabulous Bre is an excellent beauty blogger to follow if you’re in search of the flawless but easy to do look. Many of Bre’s tutorials boast an ‘Easy’ tag so make-up novices can be rest assured they’ll be able to keep up here.

#4. Van Henry

Beauty Vloggers

Van Henry is a go to up and coming beauty blogger for those who want to work a celebrity-inspired make-up look. Her rendition of Rihanna’s look in the infamous “Work” video was spot on.

#5. Teaira Walker

10 Promising Beauty Vloggers Every Nigerian Lady Should Follow

Although, Teaira Walker has been on YouTube for just one year, she’s already nabbed close to 200,000 subscribers, (myself included). Self-taught, Walker’s looks are flawlessly executed and will give you that bold, daring look you’ve been looking for.


#6. Love Halssa

Beauty Vloggers

Love Halssa is a Somalian beauty blogger with the best highlight game. Her everyday glow highlight routine video has saved me from looking like the tin man in the Wiz.

#7. Alissa Ashley

Beauty Vloggers

Bold, versatile looks are what you can expect out of Youtuber, Alissa Ashley. From this tangerine tutorial to soft graduation make-up, you can find a little bit of everything on her channel.

Brownstone Unlimited

#8. Tierra Nevada

10 Promising Beauty Vloggers Every Nigerian Lady Should Follow

Youtuber, Tierra Nevada is one to check for if you’d like a bold cut crease or even a fire rose gold glitter party look.

#9. Aliya Maria Bee

Beauty Vloggers

Looking to rock the on-trend no make-up make-up look? Youtuber, Aliya Maria Bee is where you’ll want to look for that subtle everyday slay.

#10. Shahd Batal

Beauty Vloggers

Youtuber Shahd Batal keeps things affordable with her easy drugstore beauty routine tutorials. You can still look flawless on a budget, y’all!Via



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