10 Reasons Why You Should not Text-Fight With Your Partner

Reasons Why you should think before you text, especially when you’re in a fight with you partner

Fighting in a relationship has never been fun and will never be, but at least when you fight, fight face to face when you see your partner’s fascial reaction. Text-fighting should be avoided like a plague to have a healthy relationship. You might end up sending nasty messages, which will escalate things beyond normal and you might even regret some of your words later.

If you don’t want to feel guilty about afterwards, read these 10 good reads why you should stop Text-fighting;

#1. You cannot see the other person’s reaction

As mentioned above, when you are sending the text, you cannot see or measure the person’s expression; all you do is stare at the screen of your telephone. You wouldn’t be able to determine how deep your text is or know how hurt the other person is, even when you don’t mean to hurt their feelings. All you keep doing is keep firing those texts.

#2. you cannot determine the tone in the text

There various things you can do in a text conversation to pass the tone of your message across, like typing all your text in capital forms. Often this can easily be misinterpreted as shouting or yelling. And it even almost impossible to be sarcastic in a text, as this might possibly be taken literally.

#3. You cannot erase the sent text

Talk and text are similar in nature, when spoken it can never be taken back. And always remember that you cannot erase the messages on the person phone and hence the messages are also stored. So when you assume the fight is all gone and forgotten. The other person in their lonely and quite time might go back to the conversation and re-read all the nasty things you said when your temper was very high. And this will invariably bring back the bad memories and hurt them again. Even at worst case scenario, the other might use those words against you in future.

#4. You cannot play full attention to the text

In time of high technological era, where texting are aided with easy typing features, such as “auto correct”, where some words can easily be changed. While you are boiling and running down all those angry texts, you are not likely to crosscheck or read proof your text before sending it. And you might end up sending a whole message full of errors and even meaningless to the person.

#5. You cannot express yourself in full in a short text

It’s most likely you cannot text it all and like they say “Somethings are better said verbally” because you basically might not have the time or space to write everything you really wish to say. That means you will end up giving the other person half of the information. Therefore, the only reality to handle serious issues is to have a decent telephone conversation or talk face to face.

#6. Text-fighting last longer

Text-fighting last longer than normal, you might be exchanging words front, back and center all day without resolving the issue at hand, and might end up keeping malice for days. Even after days of -fight, you still have an issue at hand when you end up to see each other.

#7. Someone else might be reading your text

You never can tell who might end up reading your partner’s messages and giving another individual to know what is going on in your relationship/private life. Even in worst cases, they might start to share the messages with other friends who might mock you with the conversation later.

#8. You do not know what your partner is doing at that moment

You cannot be so sure what your partner is doing at that moment when you were text-fighting. It’s most likely both of you are distracted and not focusing on what is been said. They could be distracted with work, friends or even driving. What that simply means is neither of you is putting a second thought into the conversation before dishing out those words.

#9. The relationship might end prematurely

If proper precaution is not taken, text-fight can get heated up to a certain stage that you might make a decision you don’t like and end the relationship in haste. However, it might be too late to say you don’t mean it or put things back together again

#10. No room for make-up kisses afterwards

The hardest part of text-fighting is doesn’t end nicely, because don’t have the chance to say a proper sorry. Well, you can type am sorry many different ways or even couple with I love you, BUT it doesn’t end the same way an argument face to face will. Because of the lack of physical contacts, some sorry are better said with a big kiss or even a romantic makeup.

Please not that all the aforementioned reasons become very difficult when you are in long distance relationship.

You can add yours to the comment box below, if you have other reasons not to text-fight.

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