10 Simple Tips To Keep Your Liver Healthy

The liver is the body’s main fat-digesting and detoxification organ. Every molecule of fat that you eat must pass through your liver, but if your liver is overburdened by its more than 500 other essential activities, it can become sluggish.  Here are ways to boost your liver function:

1.  Eat well:

Since the liver requires high amounts of vitamins and minerals to perform its many functions, your diet should be high in fruits and vegetables and nutrient-rich foods.

2.  Good Food:

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Because food additives and preservatives need to be filtered by your liver, your diet should be free of processed foods, artificial food additives, colors, and preservatives to take the load off your liver.  Additionally, choose to eat a diet low in refined sugar and synthetic sweeteners.

3. Avoid Excessive Oil:

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You should definitely be avoiding margarine, shortening, commercial oils (choose unrefined oils from the refrigerator section of your local health food store).  Avoid eating animal fat and fried foods as well.

4. Drink Water:

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Drink between eight to ten glasses of pure, filtered water every day.  This is the only way your liver can flush toxins out of your body.

5.  Lemon with Water:

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Better yet, start every day with a large glass of water with the fresh juice of one-half to one lemon added.  Lemon helps bolster you liver’s detoxification abilities.

6.  Eat Green:

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Eat plenty of liver-rebuilding foods, including: carrots, beets, leafy greens, and other green vegetables.Eat lots of garlic, onions and broccoli since these foods contain sulfur that is required to increase the liver’s detoxification ability.

7. Avoid alcohol:

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People with hepatitis C should eliminate alcohol from their diet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Several studies have shown that among people with hepatitis C, regular drinkers have higher levels of the virus than do nondrinkers. Studies also show that when people with HCV infection stop drinking alcohol, their virus levels decrease.

8. Multivitamin:

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Detoxification in the liver requires considerable amounts of nutrients to function properly so be sure to take a high quality multivitamin and mineral supplement.  Even a single nutrient deficiency can seriously disrupt natural detoxification processes.

9.  Massage the liver:

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While lying flat on your back, you can gently massage the liver/gallbladder area, which is located along the lower rib area on the right side of your body.  This helps improve circulation to the area.

10. Stay active:

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There is no direct evidence that physical activity helps battle hepatitis C viruses. But there is good reason to think that regular moderate exercise keeps the immune system in good working order. Regular exercise also keeps the heart strong and the cardiovascular system robust, which is important to overall good health. What’s more, regular exercise helps many people relieve stress and feel better about themselves. That’s particularly important when you’re dealing with a medical condition like hepatitis C.Always consult your physician prior to making dietary changes or taking nutritional supplements.

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