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For the last few months or so many people are asking me this question that how we can deposit money into Payza account in Pakistan. Recently they has gone through many changes and old methods of verifying is not working any more. In order to deposit money into your Payza account you need to verify your account and one way to verify your account is via UBL BIZ Internet Visa Debit Card which is easily available on all UBL branches across Pakistan. Also you can Apply for Payza PrePaid Debit Card in Pakistan which is only available in $20.

Payza is a Scam or Not is the biggest questions asked by the people in forums and every where on internet. Payza which is the biggest online payment processing option for third world countries specially like Pakistan and Bangladesh where PayPal is not available. one of the biggest advantage of using Payza is that it accepts almost each and every country and this gives you the power to interact with customers and receive payments from them. But last year when Payza disabled credit card payments due to some banking issues no one can thought that after one year this payment processor will reach to become another scam on internet.

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Last year on April 13, 2011 Payza disabled Credit card withdraws and verification system via Code due to some banking issues. Also its very difficult to deposit money into Payza Account. At that time people thought that this is a temporary problem and soon will become enabled but on June 3, 2011 they also disabled Check withdraws for all countries which surprise all of us. Now this surly was a great set back as Credit Card may not be used by everyone but Checks are the main source to withdraw money from your Payza account and if its not available for you than you have very limited options left.

This situation gets even worst when they disabled Master & Visa card payment option on October 6, 2011 without any notification. At that time people seriously start thinking that soon Payza will going to scam and they starting withdraw money as soon as possible from their accounts. This quick money withdrawal makes the situation even more critical for Payza as they were already struggling with banking issues.

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Every-time they disabled any payment withdrawal option they say that soon they will enable this feature as this is only temporary issue but its going to be a full year now and they haven’t enable any disabled feature yet which is going to make this situation very serious. Although you can still withdraw your money from Payza Prepaid Visa Debit Card but many people are also starting to complaint about this card too. Many visitors of my blog are complaining that they are not receiving their Payza card in Pakistan even after 60 days and Customer support is also not responding to their emails which is very alarming for all of us.

After reading all above material one can easily starting to assume that Payza is a big scam but i personally feel that Payza will never be a scam. Yes they are facing huge banking issues and no one knows when they resolve these problems but Payza is a registered company in Canada and owned by Firoz and Ferhan Patel of India. Its a huge website and its not even possible to run by few individuals or scammers.

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There is a whole lot of team members involved in this company and they have offices all over the world. They are operating since 2005 and i personally have never ever face any problem what so ever with them. But yes now they have very limited payment withdrawal options so if you are not easy with their payment withdrawal options you might have to switch to another online payment processing merchant like MoneyBookers or Payoneer PrePaid Mastercard etc.

Payza allows mainly five ways to deposit money into your account via Credit Card, Check , Money Order Bank Transfer(not for Pakistan) and Bank Wire. Since they are not accepting third party credit cards any more so the only options left are Check, money order and bank wire. when you deposit money into your account than your Payza account is automatically verified too. Learn more about Payza in urdu here.
Deposit money Via Check.

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This is the simplest and easy way to deposit money into your account. In order to start the procedure click on Deposit tab on the top of your account and fill in the amount and necessary details. After that Payza will ask to verify the details again just click next. Now Payza will display unique Reference Number and address where you have to send this check. Make sure that you add the unique Reference Number for fast clearance of check. Charges may be applied by your local bank but Payza has no charges on this transaction. This process can take time up to 30 business days.

Almost same procedure as check requires but the difference is that in check you need your own account in any bank while for Money order it is not necessary that you have a local bank account in Pakistan. All you have to do is to log-in into your Payza account and click on Deposit tab. Fill in the details and write down unique reference number. Go to any local bank in Pakistan and create a money order for Payza and with the given address. Send the money order to the address and wait for the money to be clear. This is also long process and can take time of more than 30 business days. Payza has no charges on this transaction as well.

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Bank Wire is the fastest but the most expensive method to deposit money into your Payza account. First of all login into your account and click on Deposit link. After that enter the amount and click the next button. Again verify your details and click the Deposit button. Now note down the unique reference number of your transaction and go to your local bank where you have your account. Now you have to send Bank Wire and details you need for this transaction are mention below.

Now payza does not support to add fund by credit card and I went to standard chartered bank many time for the transfer of money through bank wire , money order, and check they always told for this purpose you need you have account in usd not in pakistani rupees then you will be able to send money please guide me how i can send money through check , wire or money order.

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Naveed I think standard chartered guys are not telling you the right way to send money abroad. Daily thousands of Pakistanis send money abroad and this doesn’t mean that they have to open foreign currency account but yes you need at least local currency account. So better to try via another bank like UBL or HBL etc.

Shuja just click on deposit link in your Payza account and generate new ticket for deposit. Now tell this information to your local bank staff and they will do the deposit for you.

In order to withdraw money from payza i think the best option is to order Payza Visa prepaid debit card. I have account in faysal bank so i want to know How i will deposit through bank wire & How withdraw through bank wire.

Avast Internet Security 7 is the most advanced and latest antivirus software solution from your favorite company. I don’t know how many of you want free license keys of Avast Internet Security 7 because atleast i am getting lots of requests to start its giveaway. Its mean that you are few steps away from your unique key and full system protection.

According to Avast they provide the best security solution in the market right now and in this price too. With features like Antivirus, Antispyware, Anti-spam, and firewall protection and avast! SafeZone™ its nearly impossible that you ever lost your data or personal information.

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With ever growing global market online shopping is become tradition and habit of people. But at the same time it opens the doors for hackers to steal your credit card information and steal your money.

Avast SafeZone method is totally safe due to its virtual windows mechanism which interacts with out side world on your behalf.

Surf and socialize are two terms mainly used on our daily lives and with out it our life is so bore. Avast Sandbox with Web, IM, and P2P shields gives you the power to bring out of your system and enjoy the world remaining outside from your computer.

Hybrid cloud technology will never make you feel that you are alone in fighting against the viruses. When ever some new threat hit the global community you will be instantly notify so that you can fully secure your laptop.

Avast cloud-based FileRep maintains database for corrupt files so that it can be easily traced and managed across all the networks.

Firewall is the only way to block hackers and this amazing software has built-in silent firewall which do its works without showing any signs of activity.

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Phishing attacks are very threatening now a days and can only be block via built-in antispam feature.

On purchasing each and every software your account is created and Avast! history let you see your surfing details, viruses, infected sites blocked and update details online.

With its online support you are never alone and a professional geek will be available for you 24/7 to assist you.

1. According to the AV-Comparatives which is a most reliable software testing company in the world this software is the fastest and beating the industries most famous software’s like Norton Internet Security 2012 and Kaspersky internet security 2012 easily.

2. Virus Bulletin is another firm which has given its prime award to Avast many times for high quality and protection.

3. Softpedia which is a industry standard when it comes to download files is in the favor of this software and you can download Avast Internet Security 7 trial from Softpedia as well.

4. CommentCaMarche has already awarded Avast its “Software of Reference” Award many times and still it has no competitor for this prize.

After so many features, free support what else you want. Yes its 30 days money back guarantee which makes you feel easy and you can check the software against protection and security.

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