10 Things Nigerian Kids Born In The 80s Will Understand

10 Things You Will Understand If You Were Born In The 80s

Life was so much fun in the 80s. The kids of nowadays really missed a lot. Their childhood fun has been hijacked by the so-called civilization that is plaguing the present age. We are now in an era of fast food, an era where games are only played on iPads and not on the streets, an era where Facebook has taken away the fun of childhood experience. If you’re lucky to be born in the 80s, then should remember the following things:

  1. You must have written several letters with this opening:

“I hope you are fine just as I am here, if so doxology. How is everything over there?…”

  1. You must must have sang this funny song:

“Willy willy willy willy o

Mummy in the kitchen cooking rice,

Daddy in the parlor watching film,

Children in the garden playing ball,

So this is the end of the game,

Change your style,

Another style,

Be like that”

Also, you must have danced to “Show me your best friend and show us your ikebe” where you tightened your dress close to your butt while shaking your bum.

I believe you also remember “tinko tinko” where you clap your hands against your friends’ until it hurts.

  1. You must be familiar with NITEL and NEPA. You could use hours on the phone with your friends and loved ones but you need to ensure no one has picked the other phone connected to it.

4. You will agree that NTA was the hit TV station then where you watched several interesting series such as “Tales by the Moonlight” every Sunday by 6pm.

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  1. You must remember the term “actor and boss.” I mean those action films where the actor never dies. The actor’s bullets never get exhausted and can kill thousands of people without any bullet touching him.
  1. You must remember hit songs released by artists reigning then. Artists like;

Mike Okri: “Hear your papa, hear your mama, life go better for you.”

Essien: “Omo mi seun rere ti e a dara o”

Blacky: “Can I have a dance, rosy ahnn”

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  1. In order to keep your biro safe, you wrote your name on a piece of paper and inserted it into the biro. You also do the same for your pencil by scraping off some parts of your pencil and writing your name on the scrapped part.
  1. You should remember stripping yourself and dancing in the rain singing “rain rain go away, come again another day, little children want to play.”

9. You should have taken crush with Okin buscuits and baba dudu sweets during break time in school. You should also remember that “the magic school bus” was the best animation then.

  1. The fashionable hair styles that you find on the happening babes then were ipako elede, patewo, suku amongst others. That was the period when lux and imperial leather were the ladies’ favorite bathing soaps.

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