10 Things You Will Find In a Typical Nigerian Home

Though Nigerians are people of diverse ethnic groups and tribes, We are bound by common experiences in our homes!

We can all say it’s not easy growing up in Nigerian, but this experiences is what made us Nigerians. There were certain experiences we all had. Like the 4pm TV station resumption time.

Anywhere you find a Nigerian in the world, they are easy to identify… whether you live at home or abroad, if you have some of the items below you’re definitely an “omo Naija”

Here are 10 common items in every naija home:

#1.  Colourful sponges

Spongebob who? These are the only sponges we know in Naija. You’d find them in bathrooms everywhere.

Bath sponges net

Photo: TheStudentRoom

#2.  Garri Turner (Omorogun)

With all the “swallow” we constantly eat, what are we supposed to use to turn that if not this:

Wooden Turning Stick aka Omorogun

Photo: MoboFree

#3.  Pots older than you

In every Naija home, there are pots that are older than you and your siblings. Nigerian mums never throw away anything.

Cooking Pots

Photo: Konga

#4.  Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestle

Photo: NigerianLazyChef

#5.  Sieve

Whether the metal or new generation plastic model, we all have this kind of sieves in our homes.

Plastic sieve

Photo: ArborBubble

#6.  A Water drum

NEPA can be unpredictable. So nearly every house in Naija has one of these water storage drums. Just in case NEPA misbehaves.

Water drum

Photo: Obal-Centrum

#7.  Extension boxes

How else are you supposed to watch TV, charge your phone and your rechargeable lamp if not with this little wonder?

Extension box

Photo: AliExpress

#8.  Repurposed Clothes

Naija mums are experts in never throwing anything away. Remember that your old shirt, it has morphed into a rag for cleaning the house.

Cotton Rags

Photo: BalajiEntpune

#9.  Remote Control

And our fathers are forever hoarding remote controls like fuel marketers during a scarcity.

remote control

Photo: NnGroup

#10.  Fan

You must find this in every Nigerian home. It’s either you find the hand fan or you find the standing, wall or ceiling version of the electric fan.

Wall fan electric

Photo: OLX

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