12 Easy Ways to Say ''I Appreciate You'' Without Words

Saying that you appreciate someone is always nice, but showing them how you feel can be much more powerful than any words you can say.

Think back to the last time you actually did something that made someone feel appreciated. Now think about the last time that you said that you appreciated someone. My guess is that both of those were so long ago that you can’t actually remember the time or the person.

Just as the old saying goes, actions make a much bigger impact on a person than just muttering a few words that could actually mean nothing.

Appreciating someone can seem like a difficult thing to do, but in all actuality, it’s pretty simple. There are different things you can do to tell someone you appreciate them without having to utter a single phrase.

Here are 12 simple ways to say, “I appreciate you” without using words;

#1. Make them their favorite home-cooked meal

Not much says you appreciate someone more than making them their favorite home-cooked meal. Not only does it show that you remember that they love it, but the fact that you went through the effort to make it yourself can mean so much.

#2. Hold the umbrella for them in the rain

This one goes without saying, but holding the umbrella for them in the rain will make them feel so special and appreciated.

#3. Surprise them with tickets for a show or concert

They’ll be sure to feel appreciated when you come home from work and hand them tickets to see their favourite artiste or comedian. This is a rather obvious gesture that shows that you appreciate them, and they’ll likely get it right away.

#4. Buy/Make them a drink without having to be asked

If you know your partner likes coffee in the morning, get up a few minutes early, start a fresh pot, and bring them some to bed before they wake up so it’s piping hot and ready to go for them.

#5. Make them an hand craft

Anything homemade speaks way louder than words regarding your appreciation for a person. So knit them something, make them a chair if you’re a handyman, or even just making a cute origami flower is enough.

#6.Wear their favorite cologne/perfume on you

I personally feel so special when my boyfriend wears this certain cologne that I ALWAYS tell him smells amazing. He knows it’s my favourite, so he wears it around me, and that just makes me feel so important.

#7. Dress up in an outfit you know they love on you

Just as the perfume/cologne works, so does wearing a certain color or shirt that you know they like on you.

#8. Do their house chores for them

This is especially powerful on a day when you know they’re busy. Take the initiative to get all their chores done – do the dishes, vacuum the apartment, even do their laundry.

#9.Clean up after dinner when they’ve made it

This is not only polite, but it also makes them feel appreciated for having cooked you a meal.

#10. Actually pay attention when they’re talking about their day

Asking about someone’s day can get routine, and you can oftentimes tune it out. Pay attention to them when they talk about that annoying co-worker. It’ll make their day.

#11. Remember the important days

Their birthday, your anniversary, their big day for a presentation at work that could potentially lead to a promotion… you get the idea. Any days that are important for them should be on your calendar so you can acknowledge them when the time comes.

#12. Ignore their faults

People mess up. They’re not perfect. Ignoring when they do bad things and forgiving them will show them just how much you appreciate them.


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