12 Nigerian Food Combos That Will Make You Salivate

Just as a man is better with a man, some food are better eaten together…

When its comes to food combos (combination), Nigerians are known to have numerous food combos which suits each other like a seal made in heaven. These unique food combos are popular because many don’t have time to cook or simply because that’s  just how some like it.

Here are 12 food combos that every Nigerian can relate to;

#1. Gala and LaCasera


Photo: Twitter/Oshea_o4

Also known as traffic food. There’s just so much beauty in these two. So much beauty. I’m crying.

#2. Agege bread with hot Akara

Bread and akara

Photo: Instagram/Oshea_o4

We always look forward to a neighbour frying akara, the bread seller also. Everyone will definitely buy the bread and queue to get their share of the akara to make this perfect combo.

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