12 Ways To Tie Unique Pashmina Scarf

Pashminas are a lifesaver for a lady on a bad hair day.


It’s been saving lives as long as I was born. I learned how to tie one from a very tender age when it was mandatory to tie our heads every Sunday else you’d get momma’s frown. That alone sends you back into the bedroom to look for it.

There’s one problem, you don’t know how to tie one. You see ladies on the street with stylish turbans and haven’t summoned the nerves to ask them how they achieve it, so you carry on  ‘Mary Amaka’ and you’re off to the office.

In good health, I’ve got good news, as always we bring you easy saving tips on how to achieve certain looks. And today I’d be sharing 12 amazing  step by step pictures on how to tie your Pashmina Scarf.


head sacrf 2

Photo: Senolia



head scarf

Photo: Senolia



head scarf 3

Photo: Senolia



head scarf 4

Photo: Lainana



head scarf 5

Photo: Senolia



head scarf 6

Photo: Senolia



head scarf 7

Photo: Krioula



head scarf 8

Photo: Encrespando



head scarf 9

Photo: Senolia



head scarf 10

Photo: Turbante



head scarf 11

Photo: Krioula



head scarf 12

Photo: Senolia


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