13 Pictures That Prove Braids Look More Awesome With Beads

I really love how the 90s trends are coming back!

From the Alicia Keys style braids to the awesome lemonade inspired braids, this is the best time to get braids done, because there are so many styling options! Check out these amazing beaded braids.

1. Yellow 

2. Love the colour!

3.  Damn girl

4. Bohemian Boujee

5. Love this!

6. Bandanas are too lit

7. Turban on fleek

8. Tiny braids work well too!

9. Metallic beads are hella dope

10. Her smile is amazing

11. Loving her side sweep

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12. So lovely

13. You should definitely add beads next time you get braids

My client added beads to the end of her hair and I love it #minklittle #hairbyminklittle #beads #braids #feedins #feedinbraids

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