14 Charming Ways To Impress Her on The First Date

Do you want to make a great first impression on the very first date? Just keep these 14 tips in mind, and there’s no way you’ll go wrong again!


Now, of course, some lovers have had an awful first date, and still ended up staying together to laugh about it later!

But in today’s hectic and fast paced world, most people don’t have the time or the luxury for second chances.

That may be unfortunate, but it’s a bitter pill that you need to swallow whether you like it or not.

Ways to impress on your first date!

You need to understand that your best shot to see this woman again is to create the best first impression possible.

Now that is a lot of pressure to throw onto someone before even meeting up, we understand that.

But that’s just the way it works.

You can use these 14 hints out there today to ensure you have an awesome evening and score a chance for that second date you want so badly!

#1 The interview

While it’s good to have a few questions prepared in case the conversation goes dead right at the start of dinner, please do not come off as an investigative reporter trying to uncover every single piece of information.

Ask a question casually, let her answer, and feed off that original question with a few more questions as long as she seems interested in talking about it. Do not shoot a line of rapid fire questioning from the hip, it will not end well for you.

#2 The hint of sexual tension

I completely understand when people say “find a person whose personality you love, then create a relationship from there and you will learn to love the rest of them.” With all due respect to that quote, that’s bullshit. If there isn’t at least a mutual physical attraction right from the start, this relationship may not last long enough to find the other qualities of the person attractive enough to spark the fire.

So take your time to build the sexual tension the right way. Don’t come off too strong, but never for one moment should you forget that you’re on a date that tests your sexual compatibility as well as your relationship compatibility.

#3 Phone etiquette

Nothing kills a first date more than checking your text messages while your date is talking, or interrupting them to take a call. If you can’t keep your phone in the car, at the very least, put it away in your pocket on vibrate *it can still be annoying to hear a constant buzz throughout dinner but it’s definitely not as big of a mood killer as a full blown ringtone going off right in the middle of a great conversation*.

#4 Don’t be a bore

Don’t be boring and learn to ask good questions that keep the conversation interesting. You are not interviewing someone to hire them for a job, and this person is not going to be your personal assistant.

Ask engaging questions on their life, their job, things that truly make them happy and really run with the conversation. You will be surprised how much you will not only learn about your date, but how much you’d enjoy learning about her life as well.

#5 Personal tales

Women love men who can laugh at themselves. Now telling a story about you pissing your bed when you were 5 is cute and funny. Telling her how you pissed your bed when you were 25 just comes off as immature and a bit sad. Keep the stories classy and fun!

#6 Avoid negativity at all costs

You may disagree with a political view she has, or maybe something as simple as the best type of pasta, but keep those negative comments to yourself. It’s fine to disagree, but to go on an all-out crusade to prove why you’re right definitely won’t rub your date the right way.

#7 Try to keep a two drink maximum

Getting started with drinks is a great way to loosen up a bit and relax into your surroundings. However, make sure you’re drinking just enough to unwind, and not so much that you either come off as an alcoholic or just an asshole with a loose tongue.

#8 Be who you are

Just relax and be yourself, your date obviously showed up here because of something you are already doing. Maybe it was your looks that worked for her, maybe it was your sense of humor, or something else. But the fact is, she came because she found you interesting.

Do not pretend to be somebody else to try and impress her, because at best, she buys your fake persona and now you’re stuck being someone you truly aren’t every time you are around her. At worst, she sees right through this fake persona *or simply doesn’t like this new version of you* and declines to meet up with you again.

#9 No NO answers!

Try to avoid giving direct answers, especially the word ‘no’. Those single word answers really kill a conversation.

Perhaps, the question she asked could be summed up in one word. But instead of saying a flat out “no”, try saying something along the lines of  “No, but I really do like this instead…” Not only does this keep the conversation flowing, but your date gets to learn more about you in the process, which could give her the opportunity to ask you more questions so both of you can feel engaged in the conversation.

#10 A crowd or silence?

Having to shout and yell over loud music or just hundreds of other humans is not the ideal setting for your first date. While we don’t recommending somewhere extremely quiet and secluded, just keep in mind the setting of where the first date will be taking place. If noise were to become a problem, ask to be seated out on the patio, to enjoy the outdoor breeze as well as a quieter place to get to know each other.

Remember, the best date restaurants are ones where there’s enough ambient music and attention to details to keep a conversation going just by looking around.

#11 How open should you be?

While I’m sure your date would love you being open and honest when answering the questions she asks, keep in mind certain aspects of your life may be better kept under wraps until a couple of more dates down the road.

Confessing you just got out of a bad break up that left you in a shrink’s office, or that you got laid off your job, are things best discussed in later dates, if it gets to that point.

#12 Get her to ask questions

Many guys believe it is a great strategy to ask all the questions, because a woman likes a man who loves to listen, but this is unrealistic. Though this may work on some dates, you should want to date a woman who is as interested in you as you are in her.

If she wants to spend the whole night talking about herself, without trying to get to know you, you really have to decide if this is the type of woman you want to be in a relationship with.

#13 Confidence

You may have butterflies in your stomach during your first date, your hands probably may get a little sweaty, but just because your heart is racing on the inside, does not mean your body has to do the crazy on the outside.

Take a few deep breaths, calm your nerves, and remind yourself that she did agree to this date in the first place, so something you are doing is working for her. So chin up, chest out a bit and show her you are confident in yourself. Do that, and she will most definitely like you better for it!

#14 Intimacy at the end

If you feel the night went great for both of you, or even if you feel like the night was just so-so, there is no bigger way to make the night a success than with a kiss at the end of it.

If you feel like you’ve nailed the first date, this move becomes a lot less scary. But if you are unsure about how your date feels, this is your chance. If you land it, you know you have a second date on the way, if she turns away and gives you her cheek instead, well, there is always a second date or a whole new date waiting just around the corner!

Charming a girl on the very first date can be the simplest thing to do. Just remember; however you go about it, be yourself to the fullest.  

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