14 Qualities, Women Desperately Look For Long-Term Relationship, In Men

They say women are the most complicated creatures existing in this world, they are good in hiding darkest of secrets, highest of ambitions, cruelest of pains and everything to its extreme, in her heart. There are some false assumptions spread among us that women only want strong, manly, masculine, macho, or heroic type of man for relationship. Lots of researches have been often conducted regarding “women looking for qualities in men for long-term relationship”.

Few of those qualities listed here that a woman desperately look in a man for long term relationship If you develop these qualities definitely you will win her heart.

1. Responsible:

Long-term healthy relationships require a high level of maturity and responsibility. They want a man who is capable of taking responsibility of his family, able to make his own decisions, pay his rent, and cook dinner for himself. A person who is serious for job and humanitarian cause.

2. Ambitious:

We often think that all women care about is money, but that’s not true, it may be true of some women, just as it’s true of some men, but women aren’t characteristically attracted to rich guys. The reason women gravitate toward men with successful careers isn’t because of the size of their paychecks, but rather because their success at work is indicative of certain attractive personality traits like commitment, discipline, strong work ethic, all of which are things that will likely make a man a good partner.

3. Honest:

Honesty is still the best policy. Never lie to her if you are thinking of a long-term relationship. Don’t give her any reasons to doubt you. Where two people give up so much to get into each other’s life step by step, honesty is the first key to the door.

When a man truly wants to enter in a woman’s life the first thing he should keep on the checklist is being naturally honest to her. Women don’t like to play games to figure out if you are telling them the truth. So keep it straight and have a smooth sail.

4. Fit Body:

Women do care about looks too, but they are not only obsessed for masculine, macho, or heroic type of man. Yes, this is true they want a partner with fit body and healthy lifestyle. Though this is the personal choice for every woman, but researches shows woman may get attracted to a six pack or eight pack abs, but for long term relationship if all the other qualities exist, they can happily live with the normal body shape man.

5. Presentable:

Having a good looking face is in God’s hand, but being presentable and having good dressing sense is in your hand. Do a style-check, spot the trends in fashion, speak to a stylist to find out what suits best on you. Because nothing turns off a women than a poorly-dressed man. So you do homework before planning for any date.

6. Protective:

Its true that women love to be protected, make her feel safe physically, financially and mentally. Let her know that your are always there with her in all the ups and downs of life.

Romantic: Being romantic does not mean saying “I love you” or being in mood every-time. Small acts of affection or meaningful gestures count for a woman in relationship. Truly appreciates everything, laughing with her, giving surprises, planning some holidays at romantic places will help to boost any relationship. It is advised to have time away from the everyday to rekindle the romance, and enjoy quality time together, but recommended to give space and personal time to each other.

7. Communication:

Women place a priority on guys they can talk to, who can express themselves and who are at least willing to listen to them , when they talk about their concerns, hopes and desires. If you can show a woman you have the capacity to pay attention to her, it will definitely improve your chances.


8. Optimistic:

An optimistic person makes others feel good, cynicism and sarcasm have their place, A woman desperately look for this quality in man. Being in the presence of someone with a positive outlook on life can actually be energizing. A good sense of humor is one of the qualities women look in man desperately. Here A good sense of humor just means you know how to tell and take a joke.

9. Sociable:

Researches shows that women love to date with a man have high social IQ, who can carry on a conversation with her coworkers at a dinner party and also has the good sense to who can carry on a conversation with her coworkers at a dinner party and also has the good sense of humor.

10. Smart & Intelligent:

Woman don’t look for some college topper desperately , but they seek this quality of being smart and intelligent.

11. Passionate:

If a woman is thinking about spending any time with you, she’d like to know that she can look forward to adventure, excitement, commitment, devotion, thus, if a man wants to be wanted, he has to show a woman he’s passionate. You might be passionate about photography, cricket or football, but here it is advised better to be passionate about something a little more serious, like your job or a humanitarian cause.

12. Confidence:

May be some of the above qualities woman look in man desperately, is missing, may be you’re a smart, sociable man with a great sense of humor, but you could use some help in the ambition department. Maybe you’re a great-looking guy with expert communication skills, but you’ve yet to find the one thing you’re really passionate about.

But if your confident you are in safe-zone. Confidence is the master of all. Confidence is the one thing women consistently say they want in a man. As long as you feel good about what you have to offer, and as long as you’re comfortable with yourself, you have a shot.

13. Respect:

Respect is the quality in any relationship as backbone in body, Once a person loses respect for a partner, for a partner, all bets are off. Women should be given the same respect that men offer other men. When a person is made to feel disrespected or patronized, the relationship is likely to end sooner rather than later. Even when you’re angry or disappointed by a partner, respect should be maintained.

14. Treat Her Special:

They say if you want to be King, treat her like Queen. The little things are the ones that are more likely cherishing. Holding her hand in public, giving her public acceptance will mean more to her than a diamond ring.

If she is really special for you, why not put small efforts for her to have that ear to ear grin on her face?

– You can start by leaving notes for her on the work desk or the refrigerator.
– When she wakes up in the morning without the makeup, tell her she’s the most beautiful person you’ve come across.

Keep a habit of giving sweet compliments and her blushing cheeks will be for your feels.

If you win to develop all these qualities in you, We are sure you will always definitely win heart of your woman.

There’s a joke doing the rounds that ‘A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s. That’s because she changes it more often’. However, there are some things that remain constant. If you get to achieve those of the listed qualities, you will definitely make her drive crazy for you.

Hope this article will help you to impress your girl. Share this with your friends and family members who looking forward for long-term relationship.

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