15 Images That Proves That Black is The New Beautiful

Everybody is Beautiful, but black skin is exceptionally Beautiful!

The phrase “Black is Beautiful” was originally said and promoted by John Sweat Rock in 1858 (Taylor). John Rock was a dentist, physician, and a lawyer that felt that the internalized racism being practiced among the African-American community needed to come to an educated end (Taylor). By educated end, I mean that he wanted African Americans (both men and women) to know that the shade of their skin and the texture of their hair was what made them an African American and that alone made them beautiful (Taylor).

Black skin is as diverse as the stars in the sky. Mocha, caramel, dark chocolate are just some shades of the black skin. Many people who have the black identity are relearning to love their skin and all that comes with it.

American Photographer Joey Rosado of Island Boi Photography  joined the throngs of people who appreciate the diversity of the black skin colour. Joey explored the beauty of black in his Melanina (Spanish for Melanin) project.

Black is truly beautiful in many shades and ages:

#1.  Made of Black

Black is beautiful

Photo: Joey Rosado/IslandBoiPhotography

#2.  Beauty of Black

Black is beautiful

Photo: Joey Rosado/IslandBoiPhotography

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