25 Of The Dumbest Names You Can Give Your Kids

As the anticipation for a new family member to appear, the tension are usually high among parents who are about to bestowed a name for their new-born baby. Names such as Matthew or Mark, the apostles from the Bible, would most likely be given to the boys and names that symbolises nature’s beauty such as Rose or Hazel are given to baby girls.

However, there are also parents who try to be unique in giving names for their child. Some names might still be deemed acceptable but some names could be just down-right weird. Here are the list of names that were released by Babycenter.com in the year 2014.


Parents that chose these names could have bear the thought that their child would one day be as ‘tough’,‘rugged’ and ‘fortified like the Denim jeans or Castle or even brave and strong like Simba, the lion character from Lion King. ‘Judge’ itself speaks for justice itself.

  • Denim
  • Dagon
  • Judge
  • Castle
  • Simba

There are also names that would be clear-cut, indicating that child might be born on a ‘moody’ day or the parents would want to engrave their first-date moments with Hershey’s chocolcates or a rocky anthem moment.

  • Hersheys
  • Moody
  • Anthem

It is either that the mother love cooking so much that basil leaves seems to be one of the herbs that she uses all the time

  • Basil
  • Leaf

Guru is a Sanskrit term for teacher and Zeppelin is a rugby-shape air ballon. Roper would just means someone who ties ropes.

  • Guru
  • Roper
  • Zeppelin


Names such as Sea, Moon and Misty simply represent the beauty of the nature and Mahogany is a very expensive and high-quality piece of lumber.

  • Sea
  • Mahagony
  • Moon
  • Misty

Harbor, Holiday and Violina could bring memories from the honeymoons and Audi is the famous german car company.

  • Harbor
  • Holiday
  • Violina
  • Audi

The name Merci (‘Thank You’ in French), Amore (‘Love’ in Italian) and Neo (‘Young’ in Greek) comes from different languages and the name Yolo could have come from the internet slang which means ‘You Only Live Once’.

  • Yolo
  • Merci
  • Amore
  • Neo

So there you have it.  Some of the weirdest names that you can give your children.  I mean, that is, if you want them to live a miserable life.

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