35 Reasons You Should Never Do Meth


I would hope that we all know by now that crystal meth is a terrible drug and no one should ever do it.  But, if you haven’t been convinced enough, here are some of the best faces of meth we could find.  These were compiled by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in the attempt to deter people from this awful drug.

You will easily be able to see the havoc that this drug reeks on a users body.  You’ll notice the weight loss due to loss of appetite, open sores from users constantly picking at their skin, and a blank look in the eyes from going bat $hit crazy.  Do I need to say it again?  Don’t touch this crap.

Faces-of-Meth-35 Faces-of-Meth-34 Faces-of-Meth-33 Faces-of-Meth-32 Faces-of-Meth-30 Faces-of-Meth-31 Faces-of-Meth-29 Faces-of-Meth-28 Faces-of-Meth-27 Faces-of-Meth-26 Faces-of-Meth-21 Faces-of-Meth-22 Faces-of-Meth-23 Faces-of-Meth-24 Faces-of-Meth-25 Faces-of-Meth-20 Faces-of-Meth-19 Faces-of-Meth-18 Faces-of-Meth-17 Faces-of-Meth-16 Faces-of-Meth-11 Faces-of-Meth-12 Faces-of-Meth-13 Faces-of-Meth-14 Faces-of-Meth-15 Faces-of-Meth-10 Faces of Meth 9 Faces of Meth 8 Faces of Meth 7 Faces of Meth 6 Faces of Meth 1 Faces of Meth 2 Faces of Meth 3 Faces of Meth 4 Faces of Meth 5

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