4 Beautiful Quick Fix Hairstyles You Can Do For Any Occasion

Not all Nigerian women are lucky have long hairs  and the few that are lucky are not even sure of what they can do with it.

I believe you are not limited to the light bulb afro hair look, especially those who would hate to damage their scalps by perming or weaving.

Here are some hairstyles inspirations that will only need a hot comb to make within few minutes;

#1. Braiding In Style

Unlike the usual braiding we all know of, this is more like styling your hair with braid strands to help hold it together and make it sit perfectly to the preferred shape. Styles like this can be fixed within 20 minutes before your night out.

Quick Fix Hairstyles

Quick Fix Hairstyles


#2. Bun

Another simply styles, ones your hair it hot combs and pulled to the back, you tie it up. At times one can by a hair clip if if your hair is not long enough to form a puffy bun and clip on a synthetic hair bun.

Quick Fix Hairstyles

afro hair styles (2)

Quick Fix Hairstyles


#3. Bantu Knots

Okay, Bantu knots is not as quick and you would really need to be fairly skilled to not require a third party. However, some girls do manage to work it through themselves. And still capable to fix in less than an hour depending on what style your knots are held in. If its simply left to puff out, then you can have it done in no time.

Quick Fix Hairstyles


#4. Afro Mohawk

Afro Mohawk has never received the attention it needs and when it does, it could be a game changer. Obviously some of the images here are professionally done but overall one can get the concept. Very similar to braiding in style, it’s a process of folding and tucking away your side hair and leaving out the top in a mohawk style. That can be tied up or braided up.

Quick Fix Hairstyles


Is there any quick fix hairstyle(s) you know? Please share it with us in the comment box below.


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