4 Popular Eye Shades – Makeup

Make her look attractive and make her look unique. After dress, our first focus is on make-up and why not. If women don’t try to beautify themselves, then who else will. So men are also turning to parlors. We also say that everyone should do something to be happy and look happy, so let’s introduce some modern make-up ideas to women today. Can be adopted in more or less every season.
Smokey make-up
You may have seen model actresses wearing light shiny bronzes or dim golden shades after the base of eye makeup.

Smokey make-up has also become popular among young people. What if your eyes look like a lake? A striped figure will make you look beautiful. The way to apply eye shadow is to first apply the dark color of your choice.
Then medium color and then decorate it with high light shade. Individuality can be given by highlighting the inner surface of the eye.
Triangular impression
This unique eye make-up was much loved in 2011. If you like this style, make a light triangle with pastel shades. Get the impression
A smile enhances the color of the eyelids.
Pastel Eye Shadow
The dull values ​​of these colors look great. You can use a primer according to the color of your skin. And you can also apply a pastel shade of color. You can also apply pastel eyeliner if you want. It will also be a great choice and is a versatile shade.
Silvery Makeup
Silver eye shadow may be in fashion for party make-up in 2022, but it is rarely used in Pakistan.

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