45 Popular Traditional Names in Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo With Their English Meaning

These Traditional names Are Very Common In Nigeria

Nigeria is an African country with a rich cultural heritage. One of the ways in which our culture comes into play is in the names given to Nigerian kids. Nigerian children are named based on a number of factors: how they were born, their conditions at birth, and situations on ground amongst others.

Since we have 3 major ethnic groups in Nigeria, we have decided to look at the traditional names in these ethnic groups together with their English meanings. Find them below.

Yoruba Names

  • Ige(Adunbi): A child that comes out with leg first during birth
  • Taiye: First of a twin birth
  • Kehinde; Second of a twin birth
  • Aderoju: The crown has succor.
  • Folashade: Honour bestows crown
  • Mojisola: Wake up into fortune
  • Babatunde: Father has come again; The name is usually given when a boy is born just after the lose of a Father of Grandfather
  • Yetunde/Yawande: Mother has come again; The name is given to a girl given birth to after the lose of a Mother of Grandmother.
  • Durojaiye: Wait and enjoy life.
  • Ojuolape: Eyes of wealth is complete
  • Ebudola:  Insults have become wealth or honor.
  • Jejelaiyegba: Life should be treaded gently.
  • Magbagbeoluwa: Do not forget God.
  • Abioye: We have royalty
  • Feyisetan: Use this as history

Hausa Names

  • Auta: Last born.
  • Dana: Dark in complexion.
  • Hassana: Female version of Hassan
  • Jatau:  Fair in complexion (you can hardly see a fair complexion Hausa man though)
  • Kande: A girl born after the birth of many boys.
  • Yelwa: Born at the time of abundance/ wealth.
  • Ana Ruwa: Child born during rainy season.
  • Tanko: A boy born after the birth of many girls.
  • Rayowa: life
  • Tambara: Girl at ease
  • Yabani: God gave me
  • Zauna: To be alive
  • Gambo: Child born before twins
  • Hummai: Dauthet of Friday
  • Ladi: Daughter of Sunday

Igbo Names

  • Chioma: Goodluck or Good God
  • Nkechi: God’s own
  • Chiebuka: God is great
  • Chinonso: God is near
  • Onyekachi: Who is greater than God?
  • Ogechi: God’s time is the best
  • Oyinye: Heavens gift
  • Chiedera: What God has written
  • Adamma: Daughter of beauty
  • Adaoma: Good lady
  • Chukwuma: God knows
  • Adankwo: Born on the fourthday
  • Adaora: Daughter of all
  • Chiemaka: God has done well
  • Chinyere: God is the giver
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