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5 Awesome Things You Can Do With Your Old Jeans

Don’t Throw those old jeans trousers away!

We all know how the economic situation of the country is, throwing old things away is not an option for many. But what exactly can we do with our old clothing like Jeans?

Ever hear of DIY fashion?. With this, you don’t throw anything away. Not when it can be used as an accessory, clothing item or home decoration. Do you have old jeans that need to be tossed into the trash? You can get one more year of use out of those jeans by trying any of the following:

Here are 5 awesome things you can do with your old jeans material;

#1.  Ripped Jeans

One of the first places that show the age of jean trousers is the knee area. To get more use out of your jeans, take a pair of scissors and cut out portions around the knee area. You can also cut out one or two parts on  the jeans for a uniform look.

Photo: Zuzkalight

#2.  Ankara/Leather Patched jeans

You can sew leather or Ankara patches on your jeans on trouble areas that look like it’s falling apart. Sew a leather patch on the knees and thigh areas. Also, sew two more leather patches onto the back pockets for more uniformity.

Photo: Pinterest

#3.  Jean handbags

You can turn your old jeans into a handbag. An important accessory for daily living.


 Photo: Miralabelle

#4.  Jean choker necklace

Chokers are a fashion accessory almost everyone has. Go fierce like Kim Kardashian with chokers made from jeans.

Jean choker necklace

Photo: Pinterest

#5. Make Slippers from Your Old Jeans

It’s might be tricky to do this yourself. If you have a good and creative cobbler, he can actually make a beautiful slippers from your old jeans.

How to make slippers from jeans

Photo: The Guardian

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